Employer Responsibility

In agreeing to employ an apprentice, you’ll be required to:

  • Employ the apprentice subject to your usual terms and conditions of employment
  • Comply with the working time directive
  • Carry out an initial induction to the workplace with the apprentice
  • Work with us to ensure that the apprentice is able to put their learning into practice and develop their skills
  • Be responsible for paying the apprentice a wage or salary and treat them as you would any other employee
  • Provide the apprentice with time to learn and study by allowing them to attend training and supervising their practice
  • Work with us, the training provider, to ensure that the mandatory 20% of the job training requirements is implemented and documented
  • Secure the mandatory industry and legal requirements for employees such as DBS checks
  • Fully support your apprentice by participating in reviews every 10-12 weeks throughout the duration of their programme.

Health & Safety Requirements

It is the responsibility of you to comply with all health and safety processes. All employers are required to inform ITEC Learning Technologies (either by telephone or email) of any accidental or non-accidental occurrences arising and resulting in serious injury to the apprentice.

Before the apprentice begins their training, a representative from ITEC Learning Technologies will undertake a health and safety assessment of the workplace.

Employer & Public Liability Insurance

We provide each of our employers with a ‘Safeguarding Guide’. This informs employers of the procedure should an apprentice disclose sensitive or personal information or make an allegation about a colleague or manager within a business.

Employers must also be aware of the Government’s Prevent agenda. We will provide you with the documented policy and procedure that you must comply with.

We will also provide contact details for our Safeguarding Team to help support your company.

Equality & Diversity

We celebrate cultural diversity and are committed to the promotion of equal opportunities in every aspect of our business.

We will therefore not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment on the grounds of skin colour, race, national origin, gender, sexuality, marital status, religion, age, social background and special needs including disability. We, therefore, ask all employers to comply with our expectations and standards.

Terms & Conditions of Employment

It is a legal obligation to ensure that all employed staff have a contract of employment.

Annual Leave 

All apprentices accrue annual leave entitlement from the first day of their employment, including Bank Holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

The minimum holiday entitlement is between five to six weeks paid holiday per year (28 days for full-time staff). An employer can include Bank Holidays as part of statutory annual leave.

Grievance & Disciplinary 

An apprentice is subject to the same terms and conditions of employment as other employees and therefore the above policies and procedures apply.

In the event of a grievance or disciplinary procedure, ITEC Learning Technologies will only act in an advisory capacity in terms of learning and training but we may be able to help so please keep us informed if you are having any issues with your apprentice.

Termination & Notice

A notice period of one week must be provided for employees with continuous employment of more than one month but less than two years (unless a contract specifies longer).

Complaints Procedure

If you wish to raise a complaint in the first instance please complete a complaints form and this will be dealt with accordingly, ensuring you are kept informed. A full complaints procedure is included in your apprenticeship contract and agreement.

All complaints will be acknowledged within seven working days. We strive to continually improve its service delivery and we appreciate any feedback that will help us to meet this objective.

Additional Resources

Further information about your duties as an employer including guidance on terms and conditions of employment, annual leave entitlement and notice periods are available at:

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